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One of the Florida Keys most popular natural attractions is its sunsets. Yes, many visitors come to the Florida Keys for the warmth of its subtropical climate and its lush vegetation of palms trees, colorful ginger, hibiscus and bougainvillea plants. Others come to the Florida Keys to scuba dive in the Gulf stream waters and explore old ship wrecks or to snorkel the only living coral reef in the continental United States. Still others come to the Florida Keys to experience the only Caribbean Islands accessible by car. Local residents think of the Florida Keys as America's "Caribbean Islands but with plumbing and modern health facilities."

Yet these visitors with diverse reasons for coming to the Florida Keys all have something in common. They all find time to participate in that magical Florida Keys sunset celebration and witness the setting sun. Why do so many visitors and residents participate in this Florida Keys sunset ritual?

Making Each Florida Keys Sunset A Celebration

For many places outside of the Florida Keys, sunsets are viewed as part of life's daily routine, unremarkable in its regularity and predictability. For residents and visitors of the Florida Keys sunsets are a part of Florida Keys living and a cause for a sunset celebration.  At times one can see blue and red rays fanning out into the evening sky. Still other Florida Keys sunsets produce vivid shades of orange, violet, mauve, and pink. The touch of warm evening breezes, together with island aromas and the sound of swaying palm trees only further enhances the magic of a tropical sunset. This sunset ritual practiced in the Florida Keys has become a celebration of life itself, and is often associated with toasting and snacking among friends.


1 1/2 hours $400.00

feel free to bring beer, wine or other drinks


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