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Capt. Lori was born for the water. Growing up on the shores of Biloxi, MS then Fort Walton Beach, FL her love for the ocean knows no limit. Let her 30 years experience fishing and lobstering our local waters surrounding Marathon in the Florida Keys treat you to an unforgettable time enjoying the best of what the Florida Keys has to offer. 

Whether you want to chase big game offshore for mahi, tuna, wahoo or hit the reef and wrecks for snapper and grouper, hunt for lobster, or simply relax on a sunset cruise after a day of snorkeling, we'll get you there and back fast, dry and comfortably aboard Island Girl, a 31' Stamas center console powered by twin 300HP Suzukis 

Capt. Lori's accumulated over 4,000 GPS marks with her decades of experience to make sure your trip delivers memories of a lifetime. Browse our site for more info on fishing charters, lobster trips, snorkeling tours, family fun days and snorkel tours. 


My deckhand Ricky was born in West Palm beach area and has been coming to the keys since he was a child. He spent about 20 years in the commercial fishing industry from North Carolina all the way around Florida to Louisiana.  During his commercial fishing he caught it all so he is very experienced. He has spent the last 15 years charter fishing in the Florida Keys.  Ricky also has his captains license and is very aware of the water and boating safety. On you trip you will have 2 captains on board.


I have always loved the water. I grew up in Biloxi, Ms. and Ft Walton Beach, Florida. I started fishing with my brother n law when I was 6 years old. We started out on a pier then advanced to off shore on our own boat.

I have been visiting the Florida Keys since I was  teenager and it quickly became my favorite place. About 15 years ago I decided I wanted to try something new. LOBSTERING.  I began looking at YOUTUBE videos and I knew I had to try this so I booked a trip. I had my boat, my gps, my net and my tickle stick and my first mate Kevin. NOW WHAT? Many locals gave us advice such as "go about 3 miles out and you can't miss them" or "pull Kevin behind the boat with a ski rope while snorkeling, you will find them" So I pulled Kevin behind the boat at 3 knots for HOURS and HOURS for 5 days straight. We didn't find them. On the 6 th day we found our first hole. We named it Rex Hole (after my dog) we caught a few lobster there and even speared a grouper.

I soon began planning my next trip.

Kevin and I stayed on a small rocky Island known as Pretty Joe Rock. I snorkeled around and around the island trying to catch lobster. I caught a few. We finally decided to take a charter and that was the game changer. Suddenly we were looking at holes full of lobster and also learned how to find the spots ourselves.

The next trip was a fantastic month, we caught lots of lobster. Since then we have acquired 3000 gps locations for fish and lobster.

I love to lobster so much that I wanted to share the experience with whomever would join us. I just love it when a friend or relative would surface with a huge smile catching their first lobster.

I decided I wanted to do this even more so I got my captains license and masters and opened Island Girl Charters LLC.  


I have spent many years in the waters surrounding Marathon and I have over 4000 gps spots to deliver whats expected. Each spot is different and ever changing . We will take the time to train you if needed.


Our charters are fully insured and licensed. Our captain (Captain Lori) is a USCG approved captain and also holds a masters captains license endorsement.

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